Easter … or the “revision break”

So Easter has dawned once again and this year I’ve decided to stay at uni. I planned to get lots done but that has not really happened so, as usual, here we are at the end of the holiday and I’m only starting to get the work bug. It’s been nice to have a break! I have had a couple of days where I have not revised and I’ve decided to steer clear of the library due to the PTSD from January exams:,D.

It has been nice not having to squeeze work in between lectures and lab time. I feel a lot more in control and there have been some days where I have enjoyed dragging myself through my neurobiology lectures ( believe me 60 slides of full text that is not exactly in order does make you want to question why you chose the module).

We took some time off at easter to have a bit of a break and go for a dip in the Irish Sea along with taking part in the Preston tradition of chucking eggs down the hill in Aveham park. So in the end, it was nice and I don’t feel guilty about wasting days travelling up and down the country from Kent to Lancashire, even though that is exactly what I am doing next week with a funeral to attend and an applicant day to go to 4 days later. I would stay down but my cells are my priority 🙂

So back to revision I guess. I’m hoping to update my site through summer with application tips etc. I’m not saying my word is gospel but I suppose some more help can’t be all that bad?

My friend should be on GBBO, I meanwhile would reach the final of “nailed it”. 


My feet are still numb… it was cold. As to be expected in April.
Aveham turned into a mud fest… of which I wanted to join in but alas… washing is expensive and I didn’t fancy paying £5 to wash one pair of jeans…. Circuit laundary , please be kinder to students !





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