I don’t take many selfies. I suppose I do need to get a photo somewhat professional looking !!

Hello, my name is…

Abbie. Just Abbie. I am a Third Year Medical Student at the University of Warwick. What makes me different about every other medical student out there? Well;

  1. I am a graduate entry student
  2. I have a degree in Neuroscience
  3. I am on the Autistic Spectrum

I was inspired by another prominent MedBlogger to start my own written blog. I want to document every week of my time at medical school and maybe beyond. I have so far managed this bar a few weeks around exams and levels of uncertainty (cough covid cough).

I am not sure exactly which speciality I want to go into. I am pretty open to anything bar Psychiatry and probably Respiratory as I hate hate flem.

Anyway, join me for a wild ride through graduate entry medical school. I’ll tell you everything as it is, no lies, no rose tinting. Just a 24 year old trying to become a half way decent doctor.