Third Year Troubles

Care of the Medical Patient Week 1

Monday Online Learning (I’ve decided not to describe these as we all know what Teams teaching is like). Tuesday Online Learning Wednesday AND WE ARE BACK !! Wow, it really has been a while, huh? It honestly felt like second year was never going to end. One and a half years trapped in a year […]

Care of the Medical Patient Week Two

Monday Straight of the bat at 9am with a bedside teaching session. These are sessions where we get a doctor (aka someone who knows what they are actually doing) to take us and teach us conditions at the patients bedside. We had a fascinating patient with both a lung and heart problem which baffled us […]

Care of the Medical Patient – Week Three

Wow , two weeks left of this block. Scary Monday Bank holiday Tuesday We decided to not attempt the ward round before teaching at 11:30am today. It was the day after a bank holiday, and you just know it was going to be chaos. That did mean however we were roaming the hospital car park […]

Care of the Medical Patient Week Four

Got to be honest, been putting this one off as I didn’t want to relive last Thursday considering I made an idiot of myself. Monday Since the disaster of the lost weekend thanks to my vaccine, I decided to make this a half say. We went in for a morning of teaching which was meant […]

Care of the Medical Patient Week 5

Where did this block go? I feel like we only started it 2 seconds a go. Monday We had planned to go in and attend a ward round with one of the Warwick MVP lecturers today. V is a lecturer most people want to get into clinics with, but we found he does a ward […]

Care of Surgical Patient Week 1

I’m going to level with you here, I was not expecting much from this block at all. Surgeons and surgery have this expectation attached to them that you are going to be ignored mostly for the block and spend five weeks in the corner staring at people moving their hands around. For once, I am […]