Im still alive !

Hello , my heart is still beating and I am still here !

These past couple of weeks have been the hardest I have ever had to face and I know that come 10am tomorrow , it will all be over !

I managed to get out of my exams alive …. Just. I am actually pleased with how they went even though the stress rocketing through me was immense. I arrived at the library at 10am and didn’t leave till about 7 at night. Normal for exam season but it was hell. Ive had a passing in the family …. Well two passings but the last one was especially hard. My nan passed away 9 days before my dissertation was due in and 11 days before my first exam. I had to stay in Preston even though every inch of my screamed to go home.

So yup , library time gave me a bit of escape from home and I managed to do my exams and hand in my dissertation ( all be it 9 days after the deadline , due to a much needed extension!)

Every exam that I completed and the submission of my dissertation and beloved ragged lab book made the reality of my medical degree take hold. I am currently on the way back up to Preston on the train grinning like the Cheshire Cat because in 4 years time I will be Dr Abbie Tutt. Dr Abbie đŸ˜‚

I remembered how my old Yorkshire ( because he would never let us forget it) head teacher used to boast how none of his students have ever gotten into medicine….. Wonder if I can get his email ….

We had some impressive weather at home.
Finally got to go to summer survival. An event put on by the SU that I have missed due to exams for the past three years , I have to admit I may have celebrated too hard …..
We went to support my friend at a Liverpool Art Festival and there was an exhibition by Dorothy that was about the peoples manifesto ….
As a disabled student I was able to access two ranstad mentors who I grew close to during my degree. I am going to miss them so I bought them books to remember me by ! Rachel Clarke’s – Your life in my hands and Adam Kay’s – This is going to hurt. If you haven’t read any of them , head out of the door and buy them from your nearest book shop now.
My rugged lab book , not made rugged by the lab , but by being carted around everywhere and bashed around. Oh and used as a coaster ….
Self explanatory really !

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