MSK Block Week 2


Bank holiday day off! I needed this, I just used it mainly for admin, washing, and cooking. Yes, being at Med School is all fun and games until you have to spend all day in your flat washing your undies.

In the evening, we had our first Revue meeting. If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you will know how much I love Revue. It’s our annual performance at the medical school, where we take the mickey out of life here at WMS (and the wider NHS/ world) and the only time I get to perform. Something I missed.

Well, this year I have found myself on the committee. Something I SWORE I would never do, but I wanted to write this year, and this was the only way. It wasn’t too bad, and I was pleased that we had a good range of other students, as it meant that the revue could survive post us leaving.

We had a discussion about our ideas and set out the timeline for writing things up and getting things done. The revue would soon sneak up on us.


Back in today! Thankfully, just for some teaching. I don’t think I have recovered from the weekend yet. I really like my sleep…..

I also had a chat with the marketing team at WMS as I was helping out on my last ever open day this week. I still remember my first one in first year…..



That was not expected.

Rocked up to UHCW for a full day teaching session on MSK with the ortho regs/ consultants. I knew it would be a long day, but what I was not expecting was for the GMC to land in our inboxes.

We got our emails inviting us to login to GMC online which included OUR GMC NUMBERS ?!?!?!

These give us our unique identity to practise medicine in the UK. It is included in virtually everything we do, including prescriptions, notes etc. It was terrifying. We also got an email inviting us to log in to Oriel for the first time. This is essentially UCAS for doctors and would be the home to all my future applications to my foundation programme…..

This all happened in one day, and it was a lot to process. At the end of the day we were all pretty shattered from being in one room all day and having all those emails come through during teaching. I was pretty excited to get home for a well deserved nap.


Today we had a busy day of which i decided to make even more busier by adding “ambassador” work on top 😀

I started off by jumping in and out of fracture clinic with my supervisor to go and speak at the Warwick Open day which is my final time doing so. I can’t remember how I fell into doing them but it’s been a staple of mine for 4 years now, I’m sad to be leaving it behind. The first talk was the course talk and I was there as a sort of student voice to back up what the lecturers were saying. I love doing this as you get to see the inside info about the course and joke with the lecturers about how CBL is mainly meant for coffee drinking rather than working.

I then had some teaching with Dr P which was incredible as usual but had to leave early again to talk. This time it was my talk. I chatted about being a WMS student and what it actually is like (V what the shiny prospectus tells you).

I felt really sad speaking. I was reminiscing on all the four years knowing that in a few months it would be over and I would be moving on to god knows where. It seems only yesterday that I was at my open day having woken up at 4am to get to Coventry and navigated the busses to the medical school.

I don’t deal well with change. Im fully aware of the change coming up on the horizon and it is making me nervous but for now, all I can do is work hard, carry on being a student and keep my fingers crossed it all works out.

Finally, we had a clinic with the head of the MSK block who was great at teaching, just teaching us the wrong thing. I get clinicians have certain ways of doing things but at this particular moment I just want to know what will help me pass the exam. I also got the pleasure of watching someone have a hip injection I had long awaited for. Almost jumped on the bed screaming ME NEXT.


Today we were in at 7:30am for the trauma meeting that happens every day before heading to surgery. I can not tell you how difficult it is not to fall asleep during an early meeting where you know none of the patients and none of it is relevant to you :D.

It was our first day with our supervisor though so I wanted to make a good impression. We finished the meeting and went down to get changed for theatre. I was slightly dreading it to be honest. Orthopod’s don’t exactly have the most “caring of medical students” rep but I was about to be proven so wrong.

We were immediately encouraged to scrub in and we got teaching from the reg’s in the room on what we were about to see including anatomy and principals behind the management side. I was in AWE, this is the most welcome I had ever been in a theatre before!

We were due to stay all day but we had teaching in the afternoon. Now, when I say I had been looking forward to this teaching for a while I really do mean it. Every year my timeline is flooded with finalists posing in their plaster casts as we learn how to plastercast someone’s limb in final year. Now it was my turn!

I also got to be the guinnie pig at having a plaster cast which was more like a plastic cast, oh have it sawn off my arm!!

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