Two weeks, and a final goodbye….

Monday marked the two-week mark until I start Warwick. I am less nervous now as I was a couple of weeks back and now it is a weird mix of excitement and apprehension. The next two weeks will go as slow as possible even though I have managed to make myself busy every day including talking at one of my local schools about applying for medicine and what studying science is like at university.

The two-week mark also marked an important day for the year above me as they went back to studying. Seeing posts from my medical mum and the guy who’s blog I have been glued to since January made it all seem very surreal. In two weeks time that will be me sitting in that lecture theatre. There was a video posted on Instagram of all the second years going back and when I saw it a huge smile erupted on my face (and a thousand butterflies awoke in my stomach). That was going to be me. Somehow, by some miracle, I have managed to beat the odds and get into medical school. I will probably never believe it and I can see myself cutting into people during surgery thinking ” I’ll wake up in a minute”. It somehow feels like I am living someone else’s life but it is real, UCAS has confirmed it and I’ll soon be moving to Warwick.

Monday also bought a sad moment for me as I received my degree certificate from UCLan. It bought a bit of a tear to my eye because I now had nothing to collect from UCLan. I was officially a graduate and had to move on with my life.


A particularly hideous picture of me…


I know most people don’t have the attachments to their uni as I do to my uni but it’s more about the fact that I am moving away from what I know. Aspies hate change and the huge change of routine in two weeks time is terrifying. However, the change to undergraduate life made me the person I am today ( good or bad, I’ll leave that up to my coursemates to decide). I am more sociable, more energetic and more confident than I was before my degree started.

However,  it’s UCLan’s welcome week next week and I still have friends who will be there so I will be living freshers through snapchat and every other outlet of social media. So, although it will be hard not being there and seeing others in the place I know so well, I can still be as nosey as heck……

I want to go back and visit as I have coursemates who are staying on to do postgraduate courses, so I guess that’s a good enough excuse right? I am also a bit sad I won’t make it to LSF ( Lancashire Science Festival) this year due to it (probably) being slap bang on top of my exams, which is another punch in the stomach 😀

On the other hand though, by that point, I will know more about how the inner systems of our body work than how to drive a car, so swings and roundabouts!

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