Hello , Bonjour , Hi

So ….. here we are. The 25th of March 2018. I am in a position that I thought I would never be in…. I have a medical school offer ! Well….. I have two medical school offers !



Honestly it really does not feel like it’s happening to me. I am never the person who gets things like this. I am always the one commenting “congratulations” on peoples posts and watching others acheive their dreams. Now it’s happening to me and I honestly could not be more thankful.

Getting here has not been easy. I suffered from mental health problems during my time in sixth form so I ended up with :

Biology : B ( 2 marks off an A #biggestfrustrationofmylife)

Psychology : C

Chemsitry : E ( ouch , yes I know)

However, I was proud of myself because I had entered recovery in year 13 and my grades did shoot up ( apart from chemistry, which try as I might, just did not like me) and I even went from a E to a B in one of my biology re-takes and got all A’s in my A2 biology exams 🙂

I ended up going through clearing. Yes that terrifying C word. I got my results and raced home and was accepted onto a Neuroscience course (something which had always been a deep set passion of mine) at UCLan.

I have loved every second of my time here in the north. I am a southerner and even though it feels weird to say… I am going to miss this small northern city with all my heart. It has been amazing here and this university has supported me and built me back up to who I was before my A levels.

Third year arrived and I found myself sitting my UKCAT. 2 days before I moved back to Preston. I was terrified. It was like doing my 11+ all over again, and that did not go too well the first time :,D. But I ended up with a score of 695 and a band 1 in situational judgement, so in the end having my laptop glued to me the entire summer holiday was worth it ! I knew that I may be dancing on the line in terms of being offered an interview but….. a girl can hope right ?


So here I am … two interviews and two offers later….. and now I have to decide. London or Warwick? A cohort of 28 or a cohort of 197? PBL or lecture based? Campus or city? A uni I have loved since year 10 , or one I have developed a complete love of?



Abbie 🙂

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