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Care of the Medical Patient – Week Three

Wow , two weeks left of this block. Scary Monday Bank holiday Tuesday We decided to not attempt the ward round before teaching at 11:30am today. It was the day after a bank holiday, and you just know it was going to be chaos. That did mean however we were roaming the hospital car park… Continue reading Care of the Medical Patient – Week Three


Medicine Block – Week Three

So, you know I said last block I would have a shorter blog? Well, the timing of that sentence wasn't quite right. This week was the week when I returned to being an actual full time medical student. Monday Thankfully just some tutorials today that started at 10am, BLISS! These tutorials are meant to help… Continue reading Medicine Block – Week Three


Second Year … Second Thoughts

No, I am not quitting Med School ( I worked way too hard in first year to do that). It is the 8th of September 2019 and it is also the night before the second year. I am excited to be here. There were stages last year where I thought I would never see the… Continue reading Second Year … Second Thoughts


Surviving the First year of Medical School

Textbooks You do not need to buy any textbooks going into first year, especially not detailed cell biology ones. You just are not going to need them. You will figure out over the first few weeks what you do and don’t need. The only one I can really recommend for first year is Greys anatomy… Continue reading Surviving the First year of Medical School