Acute Block – Week 4


Quiet week this week. Mainly because we didn’t have muuch booked, partly because I am shattered and am only going in for things that I haven’t seen before. I guess this is a skill that I have learnt. It does make me sound like a bad student but in a way, it’s sanity preserving. We are shattered. We are week 18 out of 20 long weeks and there is not point dragging my aching body out of bed for a ward round. I can not begin to describe how tired I was. I felt guilty complaining when my friends were just starting their F1 jobs and having no choice about going in where I was skipping days because I could not physically string two words together.

In the morning I got myself to eye clinic hopeful of what it could bring. Eyes are a part of the body that we don’t get taught much on at Med School. You do the basic anatomy and a couple of red flag conditions but other than that, they just just simply a thing you check for anemia and jaundice.

It was a warm day and being in a tiny clinic did not help but I was desperate to get some expeirence in. Eye clinic was ok, it’s a bit hard to engage in something that only the doctor running the clinic can see. The doc did try to engage me by playing around with the microscope settings to put it on a screen but it still didn’t let me see clearly.

However, I did get to see a retinal tear being fixed which was pretty cool.

Lucikly, that day was a half day and I went home to well…nap. I really need to sort my studying life out.


Simulation day round two. Pretty excited for this one as we are back over at warwick. The simulation is remarkably less techy there but it’s easier to get more involved when you are not directly in the SIM. I normally practise my prescribing during the times I am sat down as I need to do this for the PSA. I also like getting to come to my own conclusions and managements along the way.

Today was especially great as there was pizza for lunch, freshly baked pizza.

Thursday/ Friday

Thursday was a day off and friday an academic day online, so not much to comment on. There are rumblings of a face to face academic day next term which I am really looking forward to. I miss seeing everyone, I miss catching up not in the middle of hospital corridors or hurridely before teaching sessions.

I know there are certian risks with health care students as we are all in different hospitals, on different wards and all have different risk levels. However, if the clubs reopen, I fail to see how it’s ok to go to a club but not sit in a lecture hall with masks on.

But that might just be me.

I’ve been freaking out a lot lately. We are now the official top year of the Medical School and with that comes talk of what is going to happen next year. I have to apply to be an FY1 doctor and I have the choice of the… UK.

I have recenty had an epiphany that going home may not be the best choice for me. However, I want to be close to home. I also really miss being by the sea. I am so landlocked here in Coventry, it’s a four hour drive to the beach rather than a 40 minute. I have my own life, I haven’t lived at home since I was 18 and I just think suddenly returning to home life at 25 might be hard.

SO, Im sat there having palpitations over where I want to go, how much I can spend (I have never had a big full time job) on accomodation, which hospitals would be good for me. Even down to if I can wear scrubs day to day.

It’s a lot. I am hoping that it’s mainly all because I am shattered, stressed from my current living situation ( I currently dread coming back to my flat and feel miserable driving back to uni) and just needing time off.

Heres hoping.

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