Surgery Block – Week 3


AAANNDD I am back. More awake than ever and ready to re-attack this block. I went to OPD and really enjoyed the morning. I needed that break to re-find why I was so enthusiastic about my degree. It was a quiet week but that was ok as it meant I could work my way back into clinical life slowly.

Kaludio and I decided to attend clinics in the morning and even sitting back in the room felt better. I was ready to get back to it and actually really enjoyed the morning. We left at mid-day as clinics can be draining so I decided to do some work in the evening.

I also had a JASME event where we talked about wellbeing, and it was really beneficial. There was also a staff member from KCL there which is where I hope to apply for my Academic Foundation Programme ! I hope I gave some sort of a good impression 😀


It was a beneficial chat sharing experiences about keeping sane in this digital world. We are really starting to feel it here. I love the four people I see every day to bits but you do miss having catch ups on academic days with people you just bump into in the corridor. I just really miss normalilty.

The rest of the week was a quiet week. I had a shift on Sunday which will become important next week ….

Ok, Ima just going to tell you now. On the Tuesday, I had gone to work, gone to Leamington to the opticians and drove back to campus. As I got out of my car and walked into the flat I had an email come through:

Gutted ……

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