Medicine Week 6


I know I skipped Monday- Wednesday but unless you want me talking about my drive to Coventry let me skip it!

This week we were allowed back into the MTC to study, something which I was overly happy about as I could now go back to my second home:

Blanket, coffee and headphones – sorted!


On Thursday I had a bit of a day off studying inter-dispersed with an open day! Well, a closed day. We couldn’t have students in the building (which was sad as the WMS open day cakes are the best things in the world) but we still had a good Q&A session. I got to help with the curriculum session and the student session. Some good questions came through but we were restricted with what we could answer as we all sign disclosure forms when we do our interviews so we can’t talk much about them. Felt nice to be doing something good in the corridor where I normally go and have a good cry!


I wish.

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