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Medicine Week 6


I know I skipped Monday- Wednesday but unless you want me talking about my drive to Coventry let me skip it!

This week we were allowed back into the MTC to study, something which I was overly happy about as I could now go back to my second home:

Blanket, coffee and headphones – sorted!


On Thursday I had a bit of a day off studying inter-dispersed with an open day! Well, a closed day. We couldn’t have students in the building (which was sad as the WMS open day cakes are the best things in the world) but we still had a good Q&A session. I got to help with the curriculum session and the student session. Some good questions came through but we were restricted with what we could answer as we all sign disclosure forms when we do our interviews so we can’t talk much about them. Felt nice to be doing something good in the corridor where I normally go and have a good cry!


I wish.

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Medicine Week 5


Off today as we were scheduled. Still was a nervous wait as I was still waiting for my results. I was hoping they would arrive during the day as I had injections the next day which was one of our final TDOC’s. Scary- second year finally coming to an end.


The text of freedom came at 01:30am. Whoop officially free of Covid! I rang the office up that morning to ask if it was ok to come in. 10 minutes of umming and being transferred to different people later and I was given an ….. okish.

I ran to the car (it was now 9:45) and headed over to the hospital. I was panicking as I ended up with nowhere to park as was to be expected. Thankfully they managed to find a spot and I ran in to do my TDOC.

The nurse in there was an ITU nurse so she was ok with me being there as I was negative and she had COVID-19 back in March. I did all injections in one fell swoop which felt good. In a weird way I can’t wait till I get to do these on an actual patient so I know what it is like. Plastic arms often don’t cut it.

I was due to be in a teaching lecture in the afternoon but I still wasn’t feeling right so I went home and studied wrapped in a blanket instead. I made the correct choice.

That evening however, I had to get changed and look somewhat presentable as I got to be a panellist on ASME Bitesize and talk about MedEd for an hour and how to get into it at a young student level. It was great and I really enjoyed pretending to know what I was talking about for an hour 😀

Thankfully after that I managed to curl up in bed and sleep off whatever was doing my immune system in.


Normal GP day -nothing exciting – let’s skip this!


Went back home for my MOT. It seems weird driving 150 miles for an MOT but it meant I could be at home for my first one and then I could be with someone who has actually been through the MOT before. It was also a chance to get out Coventry and see my family and be at home for a couple of days. Pets are the best life savers ever.