AC1 – Week 5


5am and my alarm kicks off. However, it’s ok , I HAVE MY SURGICAL INDUCTION TODAY !! I had to get a slightly chaotic transport route to get there as I was stationed in Rugby and I don’t drive. One Uber from campus to the train station as I was up before the busses started running, a train from Coventry to Rugby and another taxi to get from the station to the hospital because … the busses were not running. So, £15 down and I finally arrived. Cue another 20 minutes wandering around the hospital because I had no idea where I was going (I did a lap of this place) and I finally find the theatres. I got changed into scrubs and a lovely white hat as this is policy for students and soon I was chucked into theatre. Rugby is mainly an orthopaedic theatre so this was the complete opposite of the spectrum I was planning on going into but I felt I may know a bit more about what I was seeing so I was excited.

I got to see the operation from start to finish with the patient being put under general anaesthetic (they were asking him to tell a story and he fell asleep half-way through) and then the operation began. They were doing a hip replacement so I was chatting with the scrub nurse before about the instruments used. There were some cheese grater like devices that were used to drill into the acetabulum (hip socket) which when they were eventually used, put me off grated cheese for a while. Orthopaedic surgery is a whole other world from the Neuro surgery that I was used to. Bringing out a hammer in the middle of the operation was a bit of a new experience and seeing the power behind the technique took me back a bit ! However, it was incredible to watch and the mess was just everywhere. After the surgeons were done rubber gloves were flying everywhere as they were pinging them into the bins and then left. I was so bemused but it was brilliant and I enjoyed watching the hip slowly being put together !

I had to leave early as I had to get the bus back to UH of which I was completely gutted about as there was a knee operation in next 😦

I had bedside teaching in the afternoon and since I was a bit bleary-eyed this morning I forgot my Stethoscope, Well Done Abbie. Thankfully we had mainly Neuro patients that I loved as we got to do cranial nerve examinations. Lastly, we went onto the cardio ward in which I had to awkwardly stand there nodding as I couldn’t actually listen to the organ in question. We also managed to pick up a third member to our group as Matt was hanging around the ward.

In the evening I got introduced to an MS database I said I would help out on and eventually got back home at 7pm. Longest day ever but it was worth the 5am start for surgery.


9am CBL. I am enjoying CBL a lot more from last year but having it two days in a row can make you dread it. However, this session we found out we were swapping over facilitators and then it hit me. I’ve done 5 weeks of year 2 – the equivalent of one block in year one. Normally, I would be shattered after 5 weeks but I actually feel amazing. I guess my new methods are working ! We also had Revue auditions in the evening. This week my two favourite parts of the year begin on the same week with Revue auditions and Doctors and Nurses in the same week !

I was so happy to finally be back in the Revue spirit and I even put myself up for the dance side this year, I was a stiff as a board but hey ho – perhaps my 14 years of dance lessons may come back to me eventually.


Normally, I switch off during infectious disease lectures as it’s not really something that I am interested in but today’s topic about virology seemed to peak my interest and I was engaged all morning.

We then had our final CBL with our facilitator Ellie who made us the most amazing cheesecake as a goodbye gift. It honestly was the best thing ever, however, we kind of forgot another group were also sharing the cake and we ended up eating more than half of it , as the smaller group out of the two… oh well!

I hung around the med school that evening as I had my interview for surgical society. I know I want to go into surgery so I thought being on the committee helping to organize events and speakers would be good experience. I had applied for their outreach officer so I was asked about my experience at one point and of course, I run this blog which I think counts. However, instead of being a tick in my box, it ended up being the most awkward moment of the year:

“Interviewer : So what experience do you have”

Me: Well , lets address the elephant in the room, I run a blog..

Interviewer: I’m sorry, what blog?

Awkward. Should have not mentioned it, should have just pretended it didn’t exist, then I wouldn’t have ended up with egg on my face 😅

I headed back home feeling slightly optimistic about my chances but later got a rejection in the evening- I don’t mind too much. Obviously I was slightly gutted but I guess I am going to be ridiculously busy this year and I have a lot going on with my NANSIG role. So actually , I am slightly relieved. I have my own plans to go along with (doesn’t mean I won’t reapply next year though!


It’s here ! The day is finally here. DOCTORS AND NURSES HAS ARRIVED !! It is my favourite night out of the year. I get to wear comfy scrubs, go out in comfy shoes, and draw on a fake beard. Last year I was completely wrecked before we even got there so the evening appeared to go by in seconds and I had planned to repeat that experience again except this time, I wouldn’t have to be in for a 8am lecture the next day 😀

Most of us convened round one house for pre-drinks and as determined as I was, it seemed I was destined to remain semi sober 😀

We met my medic parents there (my dad wearing the same dress as last year – ever reliable though apparently I have been disowned because I abandoned their pre-drinks) and I also bumped into my medic kids. I am especially proud of my son who went the full mile and shaved his legs for the evening – following mothers footsteps in the effort making. Im proud to say they both made it to their 8am the next day ,:D.

I ended up making it till close and of course finished the night with the cheesiest of chips. The perfect end to an evening out. Bring on next year !


DAY OFF ! Woke up early which was annoying but practically didn’t move. I ended up having a bit of an admin day, sending some emails for NANSIG, uploading photos and writing this blog. I like being able to get everything done in one day. Makes me feel a bit more on top of things.

So I guess that is it. The end of yet another hectic week. I am really looking forward to the first read through of the revue script, finally being able to meet with a neurosurgeon at UH and getting more involved in NANSIG. Here’s to a slightly less hetic week ! (pah, as if I am ever capable of one of them !)

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