Block 5 , Week 1


Honey, I am home!

We are officially back and straight into work. I have been at the medical school most of the holidays so having everyone back in for lectures and CBL felt rather weird. I am so used to having the med school virtually to myself that even someone sitting in my spot practically stalled me for a good 20 minutes.

We were given our own personal Red Books used for childhood screening.

We have now moved onto Block 5 which as Adam Kay would put it “The brats and twats” block. In other words, this is the child and development block. It is the last block before exams, and you can defiantly tell that people are starting to get stressed. The atmosphere is not too bad but there is an increase of people studying in the MTC and a reduction of the noise in the MTC over lunchtimes.

I also had the delight of looking after a plastic baby during one of the morning lectures so there I was for a full hour with a plastic doll on my leg, balanced whist taking my notes. Who says I can’t multi-task ! We know this week will be full on as we have 17 lectures to power through, the quantity of which I don’t think we have had since Block two. Along with this we also have revision and trying to learn everything, so it is safe to say we can be a little stressed. We had 4 lectures before lunch on the Monday with some memorable moments with our anatomy lecturer demonstrating the lithotomy position on the front bench and learning about the ethics of pre-implanation genetic testing. Safe to say I was completely shattered by the end of the day but I am determined to stay on top of the notes for this block, so I ended up staying till 11:30pm to get it done.

Anatomy of repoductive systems


We had a 9am embryology lecture today and although it can be confusing, I think this was the easiest one we have had so far. It was nice to see some familiar words from my A level years! We also had a lecture on puberty and adolescence where Dawn (our block lead) talked about the teenage brain. This is the thing that first got me hyped about everything Neuro so I was sitting there with a massive grin on my face.


Today we had a half day (yay). It was also a rather strange morning talking about contraception as at one point Dawn had 5 of our year up at the front holding condoms and telling the rest of the lecture hall how they felt ….. slimy was a popular word….nice.

We were also taught about the oral contraceptive pill which actually helped place the menstrual cycle lecture we had the other day into context. In the afternoon I managed to get the rest of the lectures done that I had fallen slightly behind on and did a bit of prep for my interview the next day.  I had applied for a summer internship with the med school and was lucky enough to be shortlisted so I was a bit nervous!


We had CBL first thing as it was nice to be back. You could see how much more energy everyone has having had the four weeks off. We were working really well together and got a lot done!

I then had my internship interview which I think went well, but I guess only time can tell! I had one of those come downs you get after a rollercoaster ride, so I was pretty happy to have it done! I then did a bit more work before heading for the afternoon lectures.

I wasn’t too fussed about getting things done after as I knew we had the weekend off due to easter which I was happy about after the mammoth week we have had!

Some new arrivals have also arrived on campus!


Day off ! A badly needed one too at that ! I had a bit of a lie in and strolled into uni to complete some anatomy and some of the lectures that I needed to finish off from the week. It was hard to motivate myself as it was beautiful outside and all I wanted to do was nap in the sun. However, there will be plenty of time for that after exams.

I am hoping to finish all the block 5 lectures and start cracking on with Anki from Sunday as I need to start to learn my drugs list and cement everything inside my head. I am hoping that it is going to help the stress levels that are slowly starting to build up at the moment as I am struggling to sleep and getting a bit restless at random points in the day.

I also don’t know how easily I will be keeping up with the weekly write ups, it’s been a struggle to get this done (as evident by the Tuesday upload) but I will try my best. If it does not happen though I will do a block 5 round up later 🙂

Thanks for sticking by me !

I seem to be the goose whisperer ! I managed to be able to feed the babies after feeding the parents for a couple of days !

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