Block Four, Week Three

What a week !

So this week (apart from the norm) has been pretty impressive on my blog front. Ollie released the video that I filmed with him and people reacted to it well so I thought I would take the plunge and finally release the Vlogs I had been making over these past couple of months – so the MedBee Blog is finally on YouTube! It will not replace any of my existing things, Just something else to distract me from Medicine. A new video will be released every Friday at 7pm, so stay tuned tonight!



The weather has been beautiful this week! Some groups decided to have CBL outside which I wish we did but half of my groups laptops are reliant on a good power supply so we were trapped inside. 4 of us Neurosoc also gave out some questionares as part of a longtidutional study looking at attidtudes towards careers in Neurosciences so we were running through the MTC giving them all out.

In the evening I started on my ANKI deck for pharmacology and before I knew it, it was 9pm. Sam and I tend to be the two who are constantly in the MTC so he decided that evening that 9pm is our bedtime πŸ˜€


Ended up spending the majority of the day sat on the Medical School balcony getting some more anatomy done ! It was a beautiful day and we were all pretty relaxed considering our Anaotmy Proffessor had said to a couple of people he was quality assuring the MCQ papers


Day off today so I went up to the med school for another day of studying in the sun. I spent the majoirty of the day with Sam from my year soaking up the sunshine whilst learning about how we “soak up the sun”. It was such a nice day as we had some of the rest of our year who came out occasionally for study breaks.

Tabba also became the best person in our year after donating her left over pizza to us so we were pretty content for the afternoon !!

I also met with the other Warwick Medical School blogger Jordan who like me writes blogs for the Medical School on the medlife blog πŸ™‚ He was lovely and it turns out he reads this (Hi Jordan). We are presenting at the Warwick Medical School open days so we had to get our powerpoint sorted πŸ™‚

John and Alex having a Study Break

In the evening a couple of us headed to the Duck to have a drink in the evening. This ended up turning into a few drinks, which ended up turning into karaoke evening! It was a great unexpected night out and one which I apparently needed!

Emily my half-sister and george


Pretty average day today though we had an interesting discussion in CBL about patient care and good samaritan acts. The debate was if you were helping someone who had just been in an accident and you see a potentially cancerous mole on their back (somewhere where they might not have seen it) , do you say anything?

The doctor in our CBL case did but we were unsure if it was the correct thing to do because:

a) The mole was not the main priority

b) He didn’t need to stress the patient out even more

c) He was an off duty doctor.

I also began to wonder what this would mean in the wider context. Would the docor get in trouble further down the line if the mole was found but he didn’t say anything about it at the time when he could have potentially started the treatment process?

How would this also apply if you spotted a mole like this but in a less threatining context such as at the beach?

Ethical Dilemas are always interesting ….


Up to UHCW again! Maariyha and I finally finished our Case Report and we agreed we should go up on the ward next week on friday to collect data for our next one πŸ™‚ I am also going home today so I am pretty eager to escape Coventry and crash out on my own bed πŸ˜€

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