Block 2 Week 11 (#12)


Today I woke up when my brain decided to wake up. It felt amazing. I don’t think I had had a decent lie in since 24th September and it just felt like another weekend day and I had to keep reminding myself that it was Monday.

However, it’s not all rest and mince pies and we still have our MOSCES to go. This explains why for 6 solid hours ,we were in our kitchen with our makeshift bed playing doctor. It was useful as I felt 100% more confident for Tuesday but I now never want to hear my name out loud again. Also, thyroid exams are great to be a patient in if you want a neck massage….

We also had our blocks secret Santa – my present to Samson went down well and I got a cute door sign from nadir ….

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Why I was so stressed out today I had no idea as the OSCE’s were just formatives, meaning they did not count. I think the worst part was waiting around as mine was not until 1:30 in the afternoon. It went OK ! I ran out of time on some of the stations and forgot the patient ID on the final one but I think I had passed them all so I am pretty content with that !

Maariyah also decided to get her fit bit steps in and since we can’t wear anything below the elbows – we ended up going “prison tag” on the fit bit front.


I headed home after and ran through some exams with my flatmates before crashing at 6pm. I ended up binge watching Louis Theroux and Love Actually and started diagnosing the characters … because I am a nerd like that and my brain hadn’t switched off.

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The first official day I don’t have to be in uni however, I still had the formative to do. I managed to get through it before 1pm though and I now have 3.5 weeks off !!!

In the evening we headed out to join the rest of our year to celebrate the term being over. It was a much needed night out to let off some steam and it was nice to see people outside of the MTC – the all consuming building of our lives. It is pretty safe to say I made a complete idiot of myself the entire night but isn’t that the point of a night out ?

This is going to be the last “weekly” blog till the 7th of January as my December break is a mixture of working , trying not to work and sleeping. None of which is particularly interesting 😀

It’s pretty insane how quick this first term has gone. Reflecting (see Warwick , I do it !) back on the past 12ish weeks, I can’t believe how much I have learnt even though I feel like I know nothing. I have sat through 97 lectures (that’s more than my entire second and third year of my first degree I believe) not including welcome week lectures. I can just about do most basic clinical examinations and I start hospital teaching next term. My block three lead uploaded the material for block three today and I sadly got over excited (seems to be a common theme with me) about it. The lectures look really interesting and I can’t wait to start learning about the most complicated organ of the body next term.



I am such a geek.


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