Block 2 Week 6 (#7)


New block new me… or so I thought. We had a new anatomy lecturer who started on the Pharynx. I had been looking forward to starting this block as I was getting a bit bored of the abdomen. I also sat my formative on Sunday and did not do amazingly well. However, I passed in the end and I was more than happy to shut that theoretical door. This week I had also been let loose on the Warwick Medical School Instagram account which was fine for the first day but I found that I struggled to make my posts about anything but revue for the rest of the week!

We had our first full run through of act one in the evening and the show is looking amazing! Though Warwick seemed to have whacked the temperature up in there so we were all sweating messes by the end!

We had a half day off today meaning that I could try and wrap my head around the concepts of the lectures that were confusing me. This did take the whole of the 5-hour slot for two lectures but I am not too fussed as I now understand the content and I would rather that than rushing through the content and struggling to understand what is the foundation of the block.

We had another successful if sweaty, rehearsal in the evening and I now can not wait for revue to happen. I want to joke about it with my flatmates but we are under punishment rules if anything gets leaked out. So I guess I will just have to wait until Saturday

Unfortunately, the first Wednesday in every block is not a day off. Instead, we had a morning of lectures and then I headed into Coventry in the afternoon (in the torrential rain) to grab some costumes for Revue.

I also did a scout for some raffle prizes and I was given a HUGE bag of books from Waterstones of which my geeky little heart was over the moon about. Not quite on the same level as a bottle of “social juice” but maybe someone wants to read something out there that is not a textbook.

We had an evening off from rehearsals so I used this to catch up on lectures. I managed to get 4 done and I am changing the way I do anatomy. I ‘ve decided to make my lecture notes in the anatomy work book we are given so I have all my anatomy notes in one place and it may serve me well for Friday and Monday afternoons. I missed celebrating Diwali with my flat as I decided I needed the time to catch up due to revue this week. The food looked amazing but I don’t mind too much, I got the work done and cooked a killer stir fry in the evening!

We had our first rehearsal of the Revue in the venue today. It looked incredible and I am really excited to perform. We have wireless microphones which are brilliant and it felt amazing to be performing again. It was a long evening though and I didn’t get back into the flat till 1am. Safe to say that the 8am will be hard tomorrow.

My brain did not want to wake up today. My eyes were so heavy in the first lecture and I didn’t wake up till 3pm, just in time for anatomy. Not sure what was going on there but I have a feeling it has something to do with my slowly developing chronic caffeine addiction…

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Today we also had our final rehearsal before we perform to the med school. It did mean a dash home from the hospital as rehearsal started at 5 and we end hospital at 5…..

However, it was a great night and it was nice to actually perform in front of an audience.

Today is the day! Revue day!

We started at 3:30 and managed to run through our set changes and take some photos before getting ready for the performance. Its tradition for the cast to have “sociable drinks” during the performance so it was incredibly funny to watch everyone as the show progressed !

The show went amazingly well and a brave 3rd year decided to have a chest wax for charity, just hearing the howls of pain from the side of stage bought tears to my eyes but it’s all for a good cause, right? We also had a table that wanted a larger role in the performance than just the role of “table”, so it would collapse randomly during the times I was on stage. However, it provided a good laugh and made the scenes that much funnier.

The final song was amazing, and we ended the show with a bang… literally, as someone had bought a confetti cannon! We were supported by talented band members (also med students) and some hard-working tech guys (also med students again), the Revue would not have been anywhere near as good without them. I can not wait for next year when we get to do it all over again, and I hope to write something for next year as well. My flatmates also bought me some flowers so I guess I forgive the people who didn’t come…. just about.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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