Looking to September

My academic supervisor recently shared this blog to the entirety of the Neuro Network at UCLan so I might be seeing some new visitors soon! So, Hi!

My plan with this blog is to update weekly (might not be quite “weekly” come November but I will give it my best shot). I want to give you guys the true experience of being at Med School. This is slightly copying another Blog of someone in 2nd year at Warwick (Hi Ollie) but I still would like to pursue this format. It should also give (if anyone out there is like this) a bit of a view into studying Medicine whilst being on the receiving end of DSA ( Disabled Student Finance) and by reading both blogs you might be able to see the difference. Hopefully, there will be no negitive differences and all positives !

Don’t worry , it is not going to be essays but just enough, so that one day, I can look back and see how hopeless I was đŸ˜‚đŸ˜…

If you want a glance into what is about to come for me an amazing youtube channel is

Post Grad Medic

Ollie has Vlogs which are really good, I tried to do that but 3 weeks and one call from Natwest about fraud later I decided just to stick to waffling by typing.

Also giving a shout out to my medical mum next year :

The Grad Med Journey


I need this doormat in my life….

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