Warwick Offer Holders Day !!!

So after the chaos of LSF I stayed up until midnight to receive the result of my entire degree :
Had to make a show of it 😉

Not going to lie …. I was not the happiest. I know a 2:1 gets me into med school but I just hoped that I would have got that first , but oh well !
So three hours of sleep later ( and mum waking me up not once, not twice but three times) , I made my way to Warwick !!
I was not really nervous. I had met some of my future year group at a meet up earlier at a meet up but I was excited to meet others and some of my lecturers.
I went via Marylebone due to train tickets being cheaper which always makes me feel a bit out-of-place. The area is a bit fancy and I am the total opposite XD.
Anyway , one train journey with me half falling asleep ( saved by a coffee and a disappointing breakfast) (Sherlock was right, any breakfast on a train is dissapointing) and I arrived at Warwick !!
The only thing that kept me awake enough to make sure I got off at the correct stop !

I met one of my course-mates at the train station and we made our way to the medical school campus. Then on the whole day was brilliant, I had a great time meeting new people and catching up with the people I had met on our meet up. We had several talks on life at Warwick and how to survive first year. Survive ….

There was also a oppotunity to buy some discounted medical books from the 4th years – I basically got £150 worth of text books for £50 ! I am now the proud owner of a Greys Anatomy book … so I am a offical medical student 😀

We all then did what medical students do best. Went for a pint.

The pint before the 7%.

Warwick has a SU pub known as the dirty duck. It was immense. I only had two ciders (£2!) but one was 7% and if I am honest , I really should not have had that second one ( total lightweight alert). It was also one of our friends birthdays so we celebrated with a box of doughnuts bought by the “mum” of our year, so Happy Birthday Jade !!

The only selfie I have of the day , featuring Dan, Matt ( Our official year photographer) and George ( AKA Kevin Bacon).

After what felt like the most amazing day , I trudged back on the bus , and train , and tube and second train to collapse on my bed at home. With a massive grin on my face. Bring on september !!

Not that I am excited or anything…..

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