Moving back home…

Today marks the day that I move out of Preston for the final time. Not going to lie, I cried … A lot. That’s an achievement in it’s self as it’s been baking in Preston so to have any liquid in me at all was a good sign.

You may have seen the news of the Moor fires in the North which is a reflection of the weather. To top it all off I have been working every day this week, packing to move back home and working the Lancashire Science Festival (LSF). LSF is the best thing in this world and I have the biggest place in my heart of it. It’s basically three days of STEM outreach with two days open to schools only and the third to families. I fell in love working for the festival in the first year and came back every year till my final year this year.

The LSF has given me the chance to realise how much I love STEM outreach and I would love to incorporate it into my career. If I can’t be a neurosurgeon, I want to be a doctor like Chris and Xand VanTuliken. I would love to introduce medical education to people who would have never thought of going into medicine and bring the wacky weird ways of the human body to schools.

The demonstrators at LSF are a mixture of my lecturers at UCLan and external talkers such as the legend of Jon Wood who has become my LSF bestie as such and I can’t wait to move to the midlands to hopefully kick off my talks.


My crazy flat …


Leaving Preston has hit me hard and I have already had to say goodbye to my friends of three years…. They have been my rock … Yea I am going to stop before I start crying … Enjoy some pictures :



We also had our graduation ball.  Technically our degree is under the school of Psychology but I have conducted half of my degree through the school of biomedical sciences so we decided to go to their ball ( also Psychology did not have one). It was an incredible night and actually getting to spend time with lectures outside of stress central was great! It made me realised just how many legends I am leaving behind….


We also had our final drama society ball :


and I worked my last open day :,( :



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